Publication: 11 / 10 / 2018
Prime's Bunkersplus Services
There are many changes and developments in the bunker industry and much more to come by 2020.

Irene Notias
There is a lot of company restructuring.  We are seeing a lot of consolidation and small niche players supporting the bunker buying community in what seems the most confusing time period of all time in both the shipping and bunker industries.   Here are some old kids in the Greek bunker business who are creating a new path for the bunker buyers in Greece, and being at their side for a smoother transition into year 2020.

Irene Notias:  " This year marks our good company's 16th year anniversary in the bunker industry.  An industry which is always changing and so are we. For the better. Therefore, what better timing for us to make the plunge and change our name and symbol? "

"we did it and it's prime time!!!!"

Prime Petroleum Services has changed it's name to Prime's Bunkersplus Services, since August 2018.  "The new name perfectly describes our role in the industry and the growing value of the expertise we offer to the buyers and vendors.

It also reflects the added value of each member of the team, who have worked in the international and the local (Piraeus) bunker industry for a pretty long time and are servicing over 60 Greek owners.

They are Sr. Bunker broker & Purchasing Agent, Ms Teri Houhouli and Purchasing Director, Mr Thanassis Theoharis, from Greece's long standing triple A class supplier Jetoil, Mamidoil.

Teri Houhouli held Senior Trader positions at both Amoil and Integr8, Greece and has over 12-years of experience in well-known trading houses and in-house buying, as well as a background in chartering and operations.

As for the founder & director, Sr. Bunker broker, Irene Notias, when asked what does the symbol mean?  She says, " it depicts our combined synergies of know-how, experience, ethos and values and it's design actually emulates the plus sign."  We are four parts to a whole.  Four executives each offering the various relevant know-how to the bunker buying process to our clients:  a trader, a broker, a supplier and even a banker.

Ex-Shipping banker, Chryssa Voulgari handles all the finance and credit segment for our clientle - new and existing, ever since it became so bureaucratic to gain access to credit lines.  And we foresee her role ever increasing since "affordable" credit lines are going to be scarce to none come 2019, with crude and costs rising.

Due to the low sulphur 0.50% craze before 2020, we are being asked all kinds of questions and we want to be there for our clients and the suppliers to help them for a smoother transition, where ever possible. Experienced & independent bunker brokers can fulfil this role better than anyone.

In all these years, Prime has remained consistently a pure bunker broker company providing its clients and supply chain participants an unparalleled service, always committed to excellence.

What is a Purchasing Agent?  Irene answers:  " It is a bunker broker that has more authority than before to make decisions on behalf of his client who has appointed him to do so.  This is a new role that has evolved at Prime from buyers and owners needs, about 4 years ago.  We represent buyers and vendors who do not have extra time to spare for the hassles of bunker buying.  Our aim was always to make bunker buying easier for them with prime services. "


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