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EY Attractiveness Survey Greece 2022

The first presentation of the results of our fourth "EY Attractiveness Survey Greece 2022", on the attractiveness of the country, as an investment destination, took place on Wednesday, July 13, in the context of the 5th InvestGR Forum 2022: A New Greece Emerges.

The survey presents Greece's performance toward attracting foreign direct investments, while, also, capturing and analyzing the perception of the investment community on the country's strengths and weaknesses, as an investment destination. The survey was based on a sample of 250 executives from foreign companies, and was held in the period of March 15 and April 15, during which, concerns about the consequences of the war in Ukraine had intensified.

According to the findings of this year's survey, and, despite the increased uncertainty in Europe and the entire world, at a time when the average attractiveness of Europe and of competitive countries is being impacted significantly by the Russian evasion in Ukraine, the attractiveness of Greece, as an investment destination, remains resilient. More specifically, the year of 2021 is the country's second-best performance, since the beginning of the research, in 2000, while, at the same time, the improvement of the qualitative composition of investments continues. The respondents appear particularly optimistic about the evolution of the country's attractiveness, while highlighting the areas where Greece should focus, at a time when investment decisions, worldwide, are decisively influenced by trends related to sustainability, technology, and talent.

Given the imperative need to attract foreign investments, the mobilization of the country’s political and entrepreneurial leadership, the civil service, as well as the whole of Greek society is essential. We need to remember that in the current extremely competitive European and global environment, all countries are intensifying their efforts and moving at a rapid pace to strengthen their attractiveness.

In this context, through this survey, EY presents a set of proposals, which we believe may contribute toward further strengthening the country's attractiveness and drawing more, and of high added value for the national economy, investments. I hope that you and your colleagues will find the survey’s findings interesting and useful. We are at your disposal to discuss the issues raised by the study, in greater detail, if you wish.

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