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Tuesday, 25 October 2022 11:04

AXIA Ventures Group proclaimed Market Leader in Investment Banking by Euromoney

It is with great joy, pride and sense of responsibility fueled by your continued trust that we are contacting you today in order to share some very special news.

The evaluation committee of the world-renowned organization Euromoney built a global index of banking and financial leaders by country, gathering both qualitative and quantitative data from the companies internally, as well as their clients.

Through this process Euromoney proclaimed AXIA Ventures Group (“AXIA”) as a Market Leader - the highest distinction – in investment banking in Greece, among some of the world's largest investment banks.

This time around, Euromoney did not evaluate candidates for their performance in a specific year, but took under consideration the overall long-term consistent contribution of each bank both on a business and social level, constituting AXIA Ventures Group the first choice of the investment and corporate community for Greece.

This distinction comes on the back of the three “Best Investment Bank Greece”awards AXIA Ventures Group has received by Euromoney and proves that an investment bank with "Greek DNA" can distinguish itself among international competition at the highest echelons, not only for its high caliber services and executive team but equally for its impact on the Greek Economy and the clients it works with.

People like you have a stake in this notable success and motivate us to keep raising the bar higher and higher. It is thanks to you that AXIA achieved this distinction!

You may click here to view the full ranking table.


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