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Theodosis Stamatellos: It is important that we learn to function through these crises

"We have moved in two directions: to protect colleagues and customers in terms of safety and to continue to the fullest extent possible, the provision of our services,” Theodosis Stamatellos, Director of Shipping & Coastal Activities of Southern Europe for Lloyd’s Register, told on how Lloyd’s Register adapted to the COVID-19 era.

Regarding inspections, he explained that "There is technology, there is know-how, there is the possibility. We also saw the benefits.” However, he stressed “Inspector experience is always very important, it needs support at the same time".

Stamatellos focused on the human factor. The challenge now he said is "how can we remove from the human factor what does not add value and how can we keep what is valuable and important in our work.”

“I do not think it makes much sense to look at an expiration date. It is important that we learn to work through these crises... We are facing a new revolution... There is need for new skills concerning behavior, perception, acceptance of change. We are talking about a series of changes that are coming soon,” he added.

Regarding the IMO 2020 regulation, he emphasized that there were no real problems and found the shipping industry was prepared.

“Managing new fuels requires constant vigilance and very meticulous observance of the procedures, which are more complex,” he noted.

On the dilemma over the choice of engines for the new ships, he said "Together with the shipowners, we are exploring the new landscape regarding the selection of engines for newbuilts and the choices that will be made will be made safely."

On the issue of energy, he points out that there is great focus, either for environmental reasons or for political reasons.

"Very high in the Lloyd’s Register strategy is the purchase of oil, gas and alternative forms of energy,” mr Stamatellos said.

“Lloyd's Register participates in one of the largest energy projects in the world. So we are using this know-how. "

Concerning the specialized seminar program, he emphasized: “The Lloyd’s Register seminar program is approved by its clients. They come to us not only for technical issues, but also for the development of soft skills.”

Mr. Stamatellos also talked about Lloyd's Register's great social contribution. “My favorite subject is the Lloyd's Register Foundation. It is an independent, transparent "umbrella" with social contribution.”

"We are the most important maritime country, with a wonderful maritime tradition,” he said.


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