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Wednesday, 24 March 2021 19:05

"Greek ports need concessions & management from the private sector"

The most efficient way to manage a port is to outsource activities to the private sector for a certain period of time, according to Mr. Thanos Pallis, Professor at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean.

Talking to Channel One (90,4FM), he pointed out that our ports need a development, fact that will help not only the local communities, the islands but also Greece in general.
Also, he noticed that if the greek ports, have the appropriate infrastructures, will improve the way of life of citizens and at the same time will attract new people and the most important new investments.

However, Mr. Pallis, said that the ports must have a very good management, as the majority of them are now controlled by different people from local agents. Also, he talked about the necessary tools for the management and development of a port which are the "know-how, planning and the transparency", giving an example of the creation of the "Evia Port Organisation", which has the responsibility for all the ports in Evia.

Apart from that, Mr. Pallis, believe that Greek government has to agree for further concessions of greek ports from private sector with terms and conditions, taking into account our national interest and safety. Finally, he noted that investments and privatizations should proceed the soonest.



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