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BEVALDIA: A company that makes a difference in underwater and dry ship repairs. CEOs BEVALDIA: Psomataki Eleni, Abdeljabbar Elgabli

BEVALDIA diving team prepares for underwater work in the port of Piraeus BEVALDIA diving team prepares for underwater work in the port of Piraeus

Ms. Psomataki Eleni and Mr. Abdeljabbar Elgabli, CEOs of the company, talk about the activities of BEVALDIA at They refer to the international presence of BEVALDIA, pointing out that all the work is done by experienced, and IACS approved technicians. They analyze the competitive advantages of BEVALDIA, such as its human resources and the innovative technology it develops, especially in the field of underwater hull cleaning, thus making a difference in a competitive industry.

In which sectors is BEVALDIA active?
BEVALDIA is a company that has been active since 1992 in the provision of ship maintenance and agency services, gathering knowledge that makes it a pioneer in this field. Analyzing its services, it can be concluded that BEVALDIA's activity consists in three sectors, underwater ship services, dry ship repairs, and ship agency.

BEVALDIA's course to date verifies that it is a company that supports a wide range of operations in the field of underwater services. These works can be summarized in three categories: a) ship repairs, b) maintenance work and c) ship inspections approved by the classification societies.

The peculiarity of BEVALDIA is its ability to provide its services in twenty-two countries, effectively serving many ports of these countries.

It is also important to mention that all diving teams are official, legal teams that have the necessary permits for each country. They consist of experienced members, knowledgeable of the specifics that characterize the respective geographical area with absolute competence in the usage of underwater technologies.

The second major area of activity of the company is that of dry ship repairs (dry services). All work is performed by experienced, class-certified partners. This enables them to deliver works that can be approved by the classification societies.

The third area of action is related to ship agency. The company's agencies operate with great success in Greece, Togo, Cyprus, and Turkey. These agencies and all the individual agents are legal offices that have the necessary permits from the local authorities.

What is the international presence of BEVALDIA? What certifications has it received?
BEVALDIA is a company operating in more than twenty-two countries providing a complete package of services to ships. The quality of its services is inferred from the fact that it is a company approved by all classification societies and certified according to ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015, and ISO 45001/2018.

What makes BEVALDIA competitive both in Greece and internationally?
BEVALDIA's competitive advantage is ensued from its human resources, capable of offering high-quality services that meet the requirements of the industry.

It is important to note that all BEVALDIA staff apply all occupational health and safety principles. Staff also follow a) code of ethics protocol and b) quality and control policy.

In addition, all staff members and workshops apply the Confidential Information Protection protocol, which is a prohibition on disclosing information to customers or ships.

Another advantage of BEVALDIA that makes it internationally competitive is the fact that all its human resources are trained at regular intervals in both new techniques and new technologies applied in the industry.

At the same time, the staff, gathering daily experience from the dozens of real projects involved, as well as the implementation of a formal process of collecting and processing this data enables the company to develop its own, innovative technology, especially in the field of underwater hull cleaning.

BEVALDIA's human resources, the quality of the services offered, and its long experience have made it a company that adopts and applies innovative techniques and technologies, making a difference in a competitive industry.







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