Saturday, June 03, 2023
Tuesday, 08 June 2021 12:12

D. Theodoratos: Our strategic decision is to make the ships of "Blue Star Ferries" greener

"Our strategic decision is to make the ships of Blue Star Ferries greener and we are working in this direction", said Dionysis Theodoratos, Commercial Director of Blue Star Ferries. "Our first shipbuilding program is about three smart ships while we are already installing exhaust gas emissions in four of our ships, he added". Also, regarding the privatization of greek ports, he noticed that the company has already shown its interest in the port of Igoumenitsa. Concerning the Greek tourism, Mr Theodoratos is optimistic compared to last year, but he estimates that the arrivals of tourists in Greece,will not reach the levels of 2019.

 Listen to the full interview HERE:


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