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Tuesday, 08 June 2021 12:12

D. Theodoratos: Our strategic decision is to make the ships of "Blue Star Ferries" greener

"Our strategic decision is to make the ships of Blue Star Ferries greener and we are working in this direction", said Dionysis Theodoratos, Commercial Director of Blue Star Ferries. "Our…
Tuesday, 06 April 2021 09:53

H.E. Julie Lymberopulos : With over a century promoting seaborne trade, Panama is currently the world’s largest state-owned ship registry

"We are proud of our long history and experience. The aim of our Register is to maintain its leading position in the shipping sector," points out the Ambassador and Consul…
Wednesday, 31 March 2021 12:29

BEVALDIA: A company that makes a difference in underwater and dry ship repairs. CEOs BEVALDIA: Psomataki Eleni, Abdeljabbar Elgabli

Ms. Psomataki Eleni and Mr. Abdeljabbar Elgabli, CEOs of the company, talk about the activities of BEVALDIA at They refer to the international presence of BEVALDIA, pointing out that…
Wednesday, 24 March 2021 19:05

"Greek ports need concessions & management from the private sector"

The most efficient way to manage a port is to outsource activities to the private sector for a certain period of time, according to Mr. Thanos Pallis, Professor at the…
Saturday, 06 February 2021 19:48

Global system that will lead to the required investments in new technologies for the maritime energy transition: Dionissis Christodoulopoulos, Managing Director, MAN Energy Solutions Hellas Ltd.

«More than ever, future-proof investments are going to be key for ship operators involving multi-fuel engines and a variety of alternative fuels." Points out Dionissis Christodoulopoulos, Managing Director of MAN…
Sunday, 24 January 2021 11:02

We offer shipowners clear information of "navigation" and direction: Ioannis Chiotopoulos DNV GL

The innovation of DNV GL, "Greece as a home market" that it introduced a few years ago, has steadily increased the number and capacity of registered ships, both of better…
Friday, 08 January 2021 10:34

All Clubs charge a minimum to ensure viability and compliance with the regulatory framework: Dorothea Ioannou, Deputy Chief Operating Officer - S.V.P. at The American P&I Club

In this interview, Ms. Ioannou talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked transformation of operations, affected claims, forced new approaches to the management of crew and issues of mental health,…
Thursday, 05 November 2020 12:31

BSM Hellas navigating 2020 and beyond

Interview with Theophanis Theophanous, Managing Director BSM Hellas Theophanis Theophanous has been in the shipping industry for over 35 years, he is a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy of…
Wednesday, 02 September 2020 15:43

Extroversion and constant updating of knowledge the secret of success: Seraphim Kapros, President of the Department of Shipping and Business Services, University of Aegean

Extroversion and the constant updating of knowledge, of the content of the curriculum through research, close cooperation with prestigious universities abroad, but also companies of the sector, is the secret…
Thursday, 09 July 2020 11:21

Financing for smaller shipping companies is more expensive: George Kofinakos, StormHarbour

"The pandemic is taking the world economy back a long way. If we can compare this crisis to anything else, we are at a similar level to the end of…


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