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Thursday, 13 November 2014 20:05

Israeli container ship repels pirate ambush

Security personnel repulsed pirates who tried to capture an Israeli transport ship as it sailed back home, Channel 2 reported.

The Zim container ship was returning from east Asia to Israel when it sailed into an ambush. The pirates approached from two sides in boats and attempted to board the ship. However, security guards on Israeli vessel were able to repel the attack.

The report did not say exactly when or where the accident happened or what action the guards took to discourage the pirates.

Israeli cargo ships have in the past either escaped from or fought off pirate attacks off the east coast of Africa.

The Zim ship Africa Star was twice attacked within the space of a week in 2010. In the first incident pirates were unable to board the ship and it escaped. A day later two pirate boats approached the ship and opened fire on it but were driven off when security guards shot back at them.
Source: Times of Israel


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