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Thursday, 20 November 2014 22:11

Bureau Veritas 23rd meeting of the Hellenic Marine Technical Committee

The Marine Technical Committee meeting of Bureau Veritas for 2014 took place on November 13th at the Yacht Club of Greece. The well-attended meeting started as always with the social time, where attendees had the change to exchange their views and latest news from the shipping world.

Persons in the photo from left to right: Chr. Christoforou, L. Chahalis, G. Sarris, A. Angelopoulos, J. Kokarakis

Persons in the photo from left to right: V. Sarris, Th. Baltatzis, J. Ioannidis, H. Giantzikis, A. Angelopoulos, D. Vitzileos, M. Migadis, J. Kokarakis, G. Papagiannopoulos

The technical presentation introduced by the Committee’s Chairman Mr. George Sarris, President of Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A.

Mr. Anastasios Angelopoulos, Deputy Country Chief Executive for Greece & Cyprus, Secretary of the Committee started with a small presentation regarding Bureau Veritas organization.

The technical discussion started with Dr. John Kokarakis, Vice President Technology & Business Development of Hellenic, Black Sea Region & Middle East Zone, presented the challenges associated with utilization of ultra-low sulphur fuel in the ECAs. This regulation dictates use of 0.1\% sulphur content in the ECAs starting January 1st. The introduction outlined the problems and was followed of lively workshop-style exchange of ideas and input from the participants.

Ballast water treatment was also discussed, being one of the spiky issued in the shipping industry. Ratification of the convention is imminent and the shipping community is hard pressed to select and install a treatment system. Unfortunately, regulatory uncertainty makes these tasks very difficult. Bureau Veritas is currently under preparation to tackle the flood of the oncoming technical work.

Like always the meeting was finished with the traditional dinner, where there were ample opportunities for everybody to fraternize and enjoy the delicious food offered by the restaurant of Yacht Club of Greece.



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