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Greece hosts Cyber-MAR project start-up meeting

Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) September 30, 2019 – Porto Cheli, Greece, has hosted the start-up meeting of the European Cyber-MAR (Cyber ​​preparedness actions for a holistic approach and awareness raising in the MARitime logistics supply chain) project.

Cyber-MAR is an effort to fully unlock the value of the use of cyber range in the maritime logistics value chain via the development of an innovative simulation environment adapting in the peculiarities of the maritime sector but being at the same time easily applicable in other transport subsectors. A combination of innovative technologies are the technology enablers of the proposed Cyber-MAR platform which is not only a knowledge-based platform but more importantly a decision support tool to cybersecurity measures, by deploying novel risk analysis and econometric models. CSIRTs/CERTs data collected will be analysed and feed the knowledge-based platform with new-targeted scenarios and exercises.

Through Cyber-MAR, the maritime logistics value chain actors will increase their cyber-awareness level; they will validate their business continuity management minimizing business disruption potential. Cyber-MAR will act as a cost-efficient training solution covering the maritime logistics value chain.

WMU will contribute to the development and validation of econometric models, providing meaningful information and insights for the cyber-MAR community stakeholders with a focus on insurance companies and governmental bodies. WMU will furthermore lead the training and awareness activities work package.

The Cyber-MAR project falls under Horizon 2020.

Project partners are: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS – Greece); Naval Group (France); VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd; Piraeus Container Terminal (Greece); diateam digital engineering company lab research & development (France); Fundación Valenciaport (Spain); IMSSE. (International Maritime Safety Security Environment Academy – Italy); University of Plymouth (UK); Atos (Spain); SEAbility (Greece); Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.A. (PEARL) and Verisk Analytics GmbH (Germany).

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