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Plenty of social actions of PCT SA – It continuously strengthens relations with the society of Piraeus

Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT SA) has organized a multitude of social actions while strengthening its relations with the local community of Piraeus, where for this year alone it completed donations totaling 70,000 euros.

In more detail, PCT SA donated 20,000 euros to the Hatzikyriakion Child Protection Foundation to help cover the costs of the children's educational programs during their school years (from 6 to 18 years old). The CEO of SEP, Mr. Zhang Anming, emphasized that this gesture contributes to the Foundation's excellent work and that SEP SA will continue to contribute to the local community by supporting efforts to create a safe environment for the development and education of children. For his part, the President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Mr. Philippos Skaramangas, thanked the management of PCT SA for its contribution to supporting children who face problems in their family environment.

Mr. Skaramangas, addressing Mr. Zhang Anming, pointed out: "Please accept our warm thanks again for your kind donation of €20,000, which covered our girls' foreign language learning expenses. Specifically, this school year, 44 female students attended English Language and 2 Russian courses. With your donation, you have provided our girls with supplies that will help them develop into independent members of society. Due to globalization, by learning a foreign language well, girls gain a comparative advantage in the labor market, they can travel for fun, study or work in a foreign country, take part in global seminars and organizations, get in touch with particular culture and characteristics of a foreign people and in general to expand the opportunities provided to them. So, you can be sure that you achieved your original goal, contributed to the local community, and helped create a safe environment for children's development and education. Thank you for being by our side with love, respect, and kindness and we hope that our cooperation will continue in the future."

It should be noted that both students are served by the Hatzikyriakeio Foundation where last year they studied at the 2nd Lyceum and managed to obtain the English Language Proficiency diploma, thus continuing seamlessly to the 3rd Lyceum devoting their time to preparing for their participation in the Panhellenic Examinations of the 2022-2023 school year. These are Himba Otto, originally from Sudan, and Anastasia Onuchuku, originally from Nigeria, both of whom have been hosted at the Foundation since 2011.

Initially, the girls belonged to the closed program of the Foundation with an overnight stay at the Foundation, daily telephone contact with the family environments, and return on these weekends, holidays, and some days during the summer holidays, as they participated in camp programs offered by the Foundation during the months July and August. Last June, Himba moved to the Foundation's open program with a daily overnight stay in the family environment, while Anastasia to the partial stay program with a few days' overnight stay at the Foundation for educational reasons, given that the days of tutoring classes ended late, resulting in her spending the night in the Foundation as the family environment is far away in Attica. Both girls are 17 years old.

After thanking the CEO of SEP SA, Himba said: "I want to express my gratitude to you for allowing me to perfect my English. Obtaining Proficiency will allow me to improve my knowledge. After graduation, I can choose a master's degree in a foreign university. On the other hand, fluency in both written and spoken English plays a critical role in many aspects of life, especially business success when I'm older."

While for her part Anastasia said: "When I found out that I received the Michigan Proficiency after a long effort throughout the year it made me very happy. Knowing the English language is highly correlated with success in my educational plan, because I want to study either business administration or shipping management. When I finish school I want to travel around the world and I think English will help me get better opportunities."

Always people-oriented, SEP SA creates relationships of trust and cooperation with the local community, offering children, and mothers as well as our elderly fellow citizens who need its support. Specifically, in addition to the Hatzikyriakeio Foundation, SEP SA also embraced the mission of the Ark of the World, donating 20,000 euros to help cover the living and education expenses of the children living at the Piraeus Hospitality House.

In addition, recognizing the work carried out at the Piraeus Nursing Home, SEP SA donated 10,000 euros to support the Nursing Home's efforts to provide quality of life and care to its elderly inmates. PCT S.A.'s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wang Jihang, said that this gesture is a contribution to both the excellent work of the World Ark and the Piraeus Nursing Home, and expressed PCT S.A.'s desire to continue contributing to the local community, through a stable partnership.

Also, PCT SA, embracing the mission of the Panhellenic Association Agapi Frontida Zois based in Perama, donated 20,000 euros to help cover the costs of purchasing special equipment for people with disabilities in order to facilitate them. The CEO of PCT SA, Mr. Zhang Anming, said that this gesture is a contribution to the Association's hard work and that Piraeus Container Terminal will continue to contribute to the local community to support efforts to provide quality of life to people with disability. For her part, the President of the Association Mrs. Ourania Athanasopoulou, warmly thanked the management of PCT SA for its contribution to the continuous effort to support people with disabilities, alleviating the difficulties they face in everyday life.

It is noteworthy that PCT SA also supports the important effort of Paralympian George Sfaltos, offering him (07/01/2022), a special sit-ski wheelchair, in collaboration with the NGO "Agapi Frontida Zois". The athlete who holds national and world honors has a dream to take part in the winter Paralympics of 2026, in the skiing event. The support from PCT SA was of outstanding importance, as in previous years he trained with a borrowed, old-tech ski wheelchair, which was an obstacle to his development. It is worth noting that in less than 6 months, SEP SA has donated a total of four special wheelchairs, two of which to children. More specifically, little Irini from Perama received the disabled special bathroom seat on June 6th, while little Stavros received the special type of wheelchair that he needed on March 15th.

Piraeus Container Terminal Single Member S.A. is a company incorporated in Greece, a fully controlled subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited. On October 1, 2009, PCT undertook for 35 years the implementation of the Concession Agreement for piers II and III, which, following an international tender process, PPA S.A. was awarded to COSCO Pacific Limited, which was awarded the tender. SEP's main activities are the provision of loading/unloading and storage services for imported and exported containers moving through the Port of Piraeus, including cargoes that use Piraeus only as a transit station (transit cargoes). The strategic location of Piraeus makes it an ideal port hub for destinations in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean as well as the Black Sea.



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