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About ship repair workers unions protest...

The aim of PPA is the enabling of upgraded and high-end quality services for all business port activities, towards an integrated Port, which is PPA’s key differentiated positioning and strength that has led to the Port being amongst the most important ports in the world today. Therefore, PPA’s management in no way intents to minimize one of its core activities, that is that of the ship repairing operations, but moreover to fully modernize and enhance it, as it is proved by all the works in progress at the Perama and elsewhere.

During the last five years, Piraeus Port Authority S.A. is punctually investing in the ship repair infrastructure with prime aim to develop the industry's competitiveness in Perama ship repair zone, as a matter of priority of the port’s development plan. From 2016, a series of investments and achievements have been materialized.

Starting from the new floating dock named “Piraeus III” with 80,000 tons capacity, which has served more than 100 ships till now. The new floating dock secured the ability to dock for repair the large local coastal ferries and Panamax ship which in the past had to go to the shipyards in Turkey or other countries.

Furthermore, PPA S.A. managed to recover the healthy and safe environment in Perama ship repair zone through upgrading the security facilities and disposing hazardous chemicals which was accumulated over many years.

Overall, the systematic enhancement projects and the targeted investments at the Perama Ship Repair Zone have already led to the desired outcomes. The large-scale investment projects started back in 2016 by COSCO SHIPPING GROUP, greatly contributed towards the revitalization of the Ship Repair industry in the country. All ship repair operation indicators are improving on a year on year basis, while enabling state of the art services, higher capacity solutions and higher safety standards. It is worth noting that in 2016 only 69 vessels were docked in PPA floating docks, while in the year 2022 are expected to reach about 150 vessels. Similarly, the working days in the docks have been increased from 435 in 2016 to 1306 in 2022.

It is noted that the PPA investment plan is based on the Concession Agreement which has been signed with the Greek Government. More specifically, the mandatory enhancement 11b is aiming to further upgrade the infrastructure and electromechanical installations to enhance the facilities productivity and eliminate the shortage of power and water supply in berthing slots of the Ship Repair Zone. Correspondingly, all the previous and ongoing developments achieved by PPA will maintain the direct contribution to the local entities for increased business and the further creation of new job positions locally.

Recently PPA announced the successful completion of large-scale infrastructure upgrade works at the Eastern side of Pier II at the Perama Ship Repair Zone, which is part of the second phase of a broader infrastructure improvement project.




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