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S5 Agency World signs deal with Deutsche ReGas to manage shuttle tankers at Lubmin LNG terminal

Transfer carrier Coral Furcata delivers LNG to FSRU Neptune at Deutsche ReGas's Terminal, Lubmin, Germany [Credit: S5 Agency World] Transfer carrier Coral Furcata delivers LNG to FSRU Neptune at Deutsche ReGas's Terminal, Lubmin, Germany [Credit: S5 Agency World]

Hamburg, Germany – 25th January 2023 : S5 Agency World (S5), a world-leading port services provider, today announced it has agreed a contract with Deutsche ReGas to act as terminal agent at its new Deutsche Ostsee LNG terminal at Lubmin Port, on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast. The new LNG terminal will process LNG imports into Germany and has a regasification capacity of up to 5.2 bcm of natural gas per year.

The agreement will see S5 Agency World managed the incoming clearance, pilot coordination and necessary paperwork for three shuttle tankers working between a floating storage unit moored near the port in the Baltic Sea and the floating regasification vessel Neptune at the Lubmin terminal. S5’s experience working with gas carriers will be crucial to this part of the project. The S5 team will handle all port calls for the project as part of its exclusive contract.

As Germany continues to develop infrastructure to support the import of LNG for its energy system, the construction of floating regasification plants is accelerating across the country. The Lubmin LNG terminal, which has already been feeding gas into the grid during test operations since the beginning of January, is the first privately financed LNG terminal in Germany. S5’s leading expertise in the gas sector and its experience of the technical challenges of managing gas carriers in port makes it an ideal partner for Deutsche ReGas at the Lubmin Terminal.

Jason Berman, Chief Commercial Officer, S5 Agency World, said: "We are very pleased to be working with Deutsche ReGas on this very important project for the region and for Germany. We will bring all our experience working with LNG carriers around the world to this project to ensure the shuttle tankers are able to operate smoothly between the storage vessel and the floating regasification plant that will boost gas supply for the German market. We look forward to working with Deutsche ReGas and all parties involved in the project.

Stephan Knabe, Chairman at Deutsche ReGas, commented: “S5 Agency World brings the experience and expertise in the field of LNG carriers to manage the vessel movements necessary for smooth operations and ensure the Lubmin terminal is fully utilised. With Germany needing to make up a shortfall in gas for power across the country, we are pleased to be working with the S5 team as they bring a focus on high-quality, efficient operations as one of the gas sector’s leading port agents.

S5 Agency World’s port services team will immediately begin working with the Deutsche Ostsee team to put in place the processes to ensure smooth management of the daily vessel trips from the storage vessel to the terminal. S5’s team will be based in an office on site at the Lubmin port to support vessel movements.

About S5 Agency World
S5 Agency World (S5) is a leading partner offering global shipping agency services and port hub solutions. We are driven by our passion for shipping and delivering value through genuine partnership that goes beyond expectations - underpinned by an innovative, solutions-driven mindset. We recognise that our clients are busy facing new challenges in a transforming shipping industry.

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About Deutsche Ostsee LNG Terminal
The Deutsche Ostsee LNG terminal is the first privately financed floating LNG terminal in Germany, owned and operated by Deutsche ReGas. The terminal consists of a floating storage unit, located close to the port in the Baltic Sea the FSU will accept deliveries from LNG tankers, from there three shuttle tankers will transport the LNG to the floating regasification vessel, Neptune, from where it will be fed into the German gas pipeline network. The terminal is expected to import 5.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas each year.

About Deutsche ReGas
Deutsche ReGas was set up in April 2022 to facilitate the development of the Deutsche Ostsee LNG-terminal. The company is owned and run by co-founders Ingo Wagner and Stephan Knabe. Deutsche ReGas is based on the port of Lubmin.



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