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Sunday, 18 July 2021 08:23

EENMA: State & Shortsea Shipowners are responsible for a greener shipping

The green transition must necessarily be made with the modernization of Shortshea Shipping vessels, as characteristically said, Charalambos Simantonis, EENMA's President, speaking to, in the context of the Eucrant 2021 Awards event, organized by Naftika Chronika at Hellenic Naval Academy. Also, referring to the new regulations and the familiarization of shipowners, Mr. Simantonis noted that the Shortsea Shipping of South Europe and especially the Greek one, is the most non-competitive in relation to Northern Europe (Shortsea Shipping). At the same time, Mr. Vassilis Terzis, EENMA's Vice President, added that not only shipowners are responsible for a greener shipping but the state as well.


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