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Saturday, 13 November 2021 10:14

GMC Maritime Academy: Our graduates are fully prepared to deal with anything on board

"As a sailor and as a teacher, I feel very honored, especially today, that we are celebrating the graduation of our future colleagues. It is touching where they crossed the threshold of our academy, specifically three years ago and finishing an intensive graduate programme, they are now ready to travel.", said Capt. Spyros Mandalenakis, GMC Maritime Training Center & Maritime Academy talking to maritimesTV. Capt. Giannis Pateros, professor, talked about the simulation systems of the academy which are quite modern, as he underlined. Also, he added that the only limit is the imagination, so the graduates can meet the capabilities of each shipping company.

The graduates of the academy said about the reasons they chose the GMC Maritime Academy and about the maritime professional generally, pointing out that they consciously decided and intend to continue their careers as officers of the merchant navy.The graduates who talked to MaritimesTV are: Konstantinos Tsetseris, Aristouchos, George Atzamis, Iosif Kontorinis and the lieutenant, Vasiliki Antonia Iliopoulou.


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