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Monday, 03 October 2022 13:53

RINA: Proud of connecting students with career pathways

"We are very proud and happy to bring students into contact with career pathways. It is an initiative to attract new talents and our future employees" said Paolo Moretti, Managing Director of RINA Services, talking to, in the context of an event was held at the new global seafarer training center of RINA in Piraeus and it was about "RINA's collaboration with National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) for the support of future Young Engineers in Greece". Regarding the new challenges of shipping, which include decarbonization and digitization, Mr. Moretti emphasized that Rina works meticulously and wants to contribute substantially to the maritime industry. Among others, he mentioned that zero emissions is RINA's goal and it is working diligently towards it. 

For his side, Mr. Spyridon Zolotas, Senior Director of RINA Greece, said that "We are happy to complement NTUA and its students are working in real time, in an industry like shipping that never stops working". He pointed out that RINA invests in people who provide answers, are innovative and see the future which has many challenges. Regarding RINA's investment in Greece, Mr. Zolotas noted that it was done because it is the heart of the shipping industry. While he added that the fleet supported by the Italian class is growing more and more and the whole team or RINA supports it (fleet). About decarbonization, Mr. Zolotas noted, among other things, that significant results are already being produced and RINA is here to propose ideas for the future.


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