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Sunday, 19 March 2023 19:50

Derya Sabaz: Turkish Besiktas Group is grateful to the Greek shipowners

"We support students who study shipbuilding, offering them many scholarships, as Besiktas Group believes in the new generation, because they will replace us and they are our future", as Derya Sabaz, Board Member of Besiktas Group, based in Turkey and with an office in Greece (since 2019), told As he mentioned, the Turkish Group emphasizes both on ship ownership & management of tankers and on its shipyard which was established in 2008-2009 and has been ranked by Clarskon's as the eighth largest (in terms of drydocks) in the world, playing an important role on the west side of Suez. Among other things, Mr. Sabaz did not fail to mention Greek shipowners, stressing that "We are grateful to our Greek customers and now friends, as a quarter of our turnover comes from them." While finally, he talked about the Group's cooperation with Norwegian shipowners, the specialized ships it builds and in general what the Turkish shipyard offers compared to others.

The interview took place in the framework of the SOME Greece 2023 conference
Interview: Markos Kantzios
camera: studio Panos Halkidis



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